Geocaching QR Travel Bug®

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Geocaching Travel Bug® avec QR code. Plusieurs couleurs à choix

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Introducing the new scan-able Geocaching QR Travel Bug® in Blue!

Each tag features a unique QR code that takes you directly to the the item's trackable page on Just scan it...log it.... and keep it moving.

A Geocaching QR Travel Bug® is a unique tracking tag that you can attach to items and give them goals for others to try and complete! This does not replace the classic Travel Bug® but simply is in addition to our existing product line.

Each Geocaching Travel Bug® gets its own page on where you can track its progress as it passes on from person to person or cache to cache.

To learn more about the Geocaching Travel Bugs®, visit this web site.

Each Geocaching Travel Bug® comes as a pair; one bug gets attached to an item (or on its own) and the other is a copy that you can hold on to. Geocaching Travel Bugs® have a unique tracking number stamped into the metal tag. The tag was designed for durability.


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Geocaching QR Travel Bug®

Geocaching QR Travel Bug®

Geocaching Travel Bug® avec QR code. Plusieurs couleurs à choix

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